Tarot and oracle cards are truly potent tools that enable the deep gaze within oneself, into the subconscious for honest reflection and contemplation – with potential to create significant transformation on our journey. For me personally it’s been a life changing, eye-opening and healing experience, and my friends and family share the same sentiment. Now I extend the opportunity to share in these uplifting experiences with you.


4 card oracle reading with messages from various decks – choose from affirmation decks, Angel messages, Plant medicine, Goddess guidance, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit or Connected and Free oracle   $20 CDN

3 card Tarot reading – Past, Present, Future  /  You, The Other Person, The Relationship  / Mind, Body, Spirit  /  You, Your Current Path, Your Potential  /  Strength, Weakness, Advice  /  Where You Stand Now, Your Aspirations, How to Get There  /  Current Situation, Obstacle, Advice  /  Opportunities/Challenges/Outcome   $25 CDN

Celtic Cross – a 10 card spread that provides an overall snapshot of the inquiry with details on where you are now, where you want to be, what can potentially arise in the near future, the outcome  $45 CDN

In-Person Events – Birthdays, bridal showers and of course, Halloween parties! Please contact me to discuss adding a mystical and magickal service to your special event.


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  • In the note area, please include your email address (if different from the PayPal email)
  • Specify the reading you are interested in along with a related question or background, for example: “I’ve been thinking of starting a volunteer group and would like to know where it may lead. I would like messages from this spread for further information: You/Your Current Path/Your Potential”.
  • And remember, questions are not required; I can also do general readings – just specify your preference
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  • A dated PDF package that you can keep handy in your inbox or print out for future reference
  • A photograph of the cards pulled relating to your question
  • My interpretations of each card + their relationships to one another + the question; an overview of the energies present blended with intuitive messages to provide a deeper basis for self-reflection and clarity
  • Suggested crystals to use that may support you at the time of your query
  • A personal reading complemented with guidance, intuitive wisdom and the opportunity to create conscious change, emailed directly to you within 5-7 business days

Please note: Tarot readings are for entertainment/self-development purposes and should not replace professional advice. Additionally, your confidentiality is critical and readings are never shared unless permission is granted. Other questions? Feel free to contact me at to discuss further.